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Hurricane Relief Assistance 

The Kentucky Horse Council has a list of facilities that have been willing to accept evacuees in the past. Please call individual facilities to see current availability. Those facilities are:

  • Angel Oaks Farm: contact Elke White  859-797-5282
    Location:  Cynthiana, KY    
  • Caddel Equine Therapy Center: contact Linda Caddel 859-621-2383 OR
    Location: Georgetown, KY      
  • Cherokee Stables: contact Tiffany Crawford 606-305-9636
    Location: Somerset, KY         
  • Devitt Performance Horses: contact Lauren Devitt 859-509-9192
    Location: Harrodsburg 
  • Leeway Stables: contact Jamie Bowlds 502-541-8620
    Location: Cox's Creek 
  • Pine Tree Lane: contact Jessie Collins 309-236-1473
    Location: Cynthiana, KY        
  • Private Farm: contact Kristen Brennan 859-312-7030
    Location: Lexington, KY            
  • Private Farm: contact Sarah Carey 859-576-1766
    Location: Lexington, KY
  • Private Farm: contact Julie Cooper 859-339-0063
    Location: Lancaster, KY
    • Private Farm: Debi Davis  270-559-5932
      Location: Grand Rivers, KY   
    • Private Farm: contact Kathy Gilbertson-Smock 859-533-9676
      Location: Versailles, KY      
    • Private Farm: contact Katie Hayslip
      Location: Lancaster, KY       
    • Private Farm: contact Scot Heath 502-710-9274
      Location: Taylorsville, KY 
    • Private Farm: contact Rebecca Huff 270-256-7470 PLEASE TEXT 
      Location: Fordsville, KY       
    • Private Farm: contact Jessica Jude 614-361-6217
      Location: Stamping Ground     
    • Private Farm: contact Carolyn Kenton  859-281-0048
      Location: Lexington, KY 
      • Private Farm: contact Annie Kremer 910-922-8477 PLEASE TEXT
        Location: Bagdad,  KY
      • Private Farm: contact Anne Lawrence 270-428-5538
        Location: Summerville, KY 
      • Private Farm: contact Ruth McMurty 270-993-3614
        Location: Lancaster, KY 
      • Private Farm: contact Judy Miller 859-221-7617 OR
        ocation: Lexington, KY         
      • Private Farm: contact Cathy Mosier 859-358-1209
        Location: Berea, KY
      • Private Farm: contact Chuck Murphy 502-517-1346
        Location: Lawrenceburg, KY
      • Private Farm: contact Shawn Murphy 513-600-0404 OR
        Location: Harrison, OH
      • Private Farm: contact Donna Nabors  859-396-6624 
        Location:  Nicholasville, KY       
      • Private Farm: contact Cheryl Newman 859-327-4218 OR 859-317-1512 OR
        ocation: Gatlinburg, TN         
      • Private Farm: contact Christina Perlowski 270-264-4979
        Lewisport, KY
      • Private Farm: contact Kris Pfetzer 513-240-4375
        Location: Robertson County, KY   
      • Private Farm: contact Paige Quillen 859-312-7244
        Location: Versailles, KY
      • Private Farm: contact Jack Reed 606-748-2222
      • Private Farm: contact Katie Regester 859-319-0959
        Location: Harrodsburg, KY
      • Private Farm: contact Linda Riley 859-619-7721 OR Joan 502-316-2625
        Location: Georgetown, KY 
          • Private Farm: contact Heather Russell
            Location: Georgetown, KY       
          • Private Farm: contact Elizabeth Smith 859-583-5852 PLEASE TEXT
            Location: Versailles, KY
          • Private Farm: contact Rachel Sowinski  274-766-3524
            Location: Lexington, KY
            • Private Farm:  contact Susanne Stewart  270-230-3776 PLEASE TEXT
              Location: Clarkson, KY  
            • Private Farm: contact Jennifer Sutherland 859-433-9526
              Location: Lexington, KY  
              • Private Farm: contact Leslie Williamson 859-462-1554 Please leave a message
                Location: Mt. Olivet, KY  
                • Private Farm: contact Tammy Wise 859-802-0931
                  Location: Walton 
                  • Redmond Stables: contact Morgan Sams 859-605-6154
                    Location: Harrodsburg, KY     
                  • Robynhill Farm: contact Nancy Bowling 859-608-4843 OR
                     Location: Nicholasville, KY      
                  • Shylah Farm: contact Wendy Brodhead      859-229-1781
                    Location: Lexington, KY
                  • Silver Streak Equestrian: contact Julie Clardy 859-285-0080 PLEASE TEXT
                    Location: Versailles, KY     
                  • Southside Farm:  contact Court Levering  859-519-6587
                    Location: Versailles, KY 
                  • Top Venture LLC: contact Sarah Clements Berkowitz 610-613-1576
                    Location: Nicholasville, KY     
                  • Triple R Ranch: contact Kim Hornsby 606-682-2929 OR
                    Location: McKee, KY 
                  • Witch Trot Farm: contact Kricket Smith-Gary
                     Location: Lawrenceburg, KY 

                  Updated 9/12/2018

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