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Past events

09/15/2023 Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training
07/11/2023 July KHC Dinner and a Discussion: What is Being Done? Addressing Equine Neglect and Abuse in Kentucky
07/10/2023 Livestock Investigation Training Level 1: Lexington, KY
05/23/2023 KHC Dinner and a Discussion: Therapeutic Shoeing for the Performance Horse: Outside In and Inside Out
11/15/2022 Dinner and a Discussion: A Crisis is Coming - What is KY Doing to Prepare for the Vet Shortage?
10/24/2022 Livestock Investigation Training Level 1: Lexington, KY
09/23/2022 Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training
08/23/2022 Dinner and a Discussion: Complementary Therapies: What they do (and don't) help
07/11/2022 Livestock Investigation Training Level 1: Lexington, KY
06/14/2022 Dinner and a Discussion: Overwhelmed by Insurance Options?
11/16/2021 Dinner and a Discussion: Do you REALLY Know What's In Your Feed?
11/09/2021 KHC Trivia at Rolling Oven Taproom Versailles
09/20/2021 Livestock Investigation Training Level 1: Lexington, KY
09/10/2021 Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training
08/31/2021 Summer KENA Dinner: Equines and the Environment: Minimizing Impact on Water Quality & a Tour of Spy Coast Farm
11/17/2020 KHC Virtual Annual Member Meeting And Virtual KENA Meeting
09/01/2020 Virtual KENA Meeting: Equine Events During a Pandemic
08/10/2020 CANCELED: Level 2 Livestock Investigation Training: WKU
07/21/2020 Virtual KENA Meeting
05/11/2020 CANCELED:Level 1 Livestock Investigation Training: Morehead State University
03/07/2020 Recreational Rider Day
02/18/2020 February KENA Dinner: Equine Transportation-What You Need To Know Before You Go!
01/20/2020 KHC Equine Trivia Night
11/12/2019 November KENA Dinner: Carving Your Professional Path
11/10/2019 KHC Annual Member Meeting
11/04/2019 KHC Equine Trivia at Mirror Twin
10/12/2019 Prosecco For Ponies
09/20/2019 Large Animal Emergency Rescue Presented by USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund
08/20/2019 August KENA Dinner: Handling Heat
05/27/2019 Level 2 Livestock Investigation Training:Morehead
05/21/2019 May KENA Dinner: Managing Mud
03/30/2019 Recreational Rider Day
03/05/2019 KHC Equine Trivia at Mirror Twin
02/19/2019 February KENA Dinner: Makeover Horses-Thoroughbred, Mustang and More!
01/16/2019 KHC Trivia Night at Wick's Pizza
11/13/2018 November KENA Dinner: Understanding Abuse and Neglect Cases
08/21/2018 August KENA Dinner: Mitigating Risk for Farm and Horse Owners
08/10/2018 Large Animal Emergency Rescue
06/25/2018 Level 1 Livestock Investigation Training:Morehead
05/29/2018 KHC Equine Trivia Night
05/15/2018 May KENA Dinner: Tax Issues For The Horse Industry
05/14/2018 Level 1 Livestock Investigation Training: WKU
03/20/2018 KHC GroupRaise Dinner and Trivia
03/10/2018 Recreational Rider Day-Louisville
02/20/2018 KENA Dinner
11/14/2017 KENA Dinner
10/15/2017 KHC Annual Member Meeting
08/15/2017 KENA Dinner
07/31/2017 Livestock Investigation Training Level 2
06/16/2017 Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue
05/22/2017 Livestock Investigation Training Level 1
05/16/2017 KENA Dinner

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