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Equine Health Alerts for Kentucky

11/30/2022 Horse at Churchill Downs Tests Positive for EHV

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has confirmed a case of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV) in Jefferson County.

A barn at Churchill Downs is currently under quarantine after a three-year-old Thoroughbred filly has tested positive for EHV. The filly is reported to have had a recurring fever and was referred from Churchill Downs to a Lexington area equine hospital on 11/28 after displaying hind limb ataxia. 13 exposed horses are quarantined. Samples (swabs/blood) were collected from each horse this morning (11/30) and have been submitted for PCR testing. The filly was vaccinated.

For the latest updates and additional information on EHV, please visit the Equine Disease Communication Center at

11/4/2022 Kentucky Horse Tests Positive for EIA

Following-up to the information we released last week in reference to a Kentucky origin horse having been confirmed EIA positive.

Fourteen (14) horses residing on one of two farms in Allen County were identified as having an opportunity for exposure.

The horses are now quarantined on a single farm in Allen County.  Thirteen (13) of the horses had serum samples collected on 10/27 with each sample being reported NEG.

The 14th horse had been sampled on September 19th and it too was reported to be NEG.  These fourteen (14) samples were tested at Murray State University Breathitt Veterinary Center.

The 14 horses will remain under quarantine in Allen County for an additional test to be collected 60 days or greater following last known exposure.

This updated information will be provided to the Equine Disease Communication Center shortly.

10/25/2022 First Confirmed Equine Case of West Nile Virus in Kentucky in 2022

The Kentucky Office of the State Veterinarian has confirmed a diagnosis of West Nile virus affecting an equine. This is the first confirmed equine case in Kentucky in 2022.

The affected horse is an unvaccinated three-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse filly in McLean County. She began presenting symptoms including lethargy, muscle fasciculations and sensitivity to touch on and around head. The patient is currently improving.

The State Veterinarian's website will be updated this week to reflect this case, and offers additional information on symptoms and treatment for West Nile Virus.

4/18/2022 EHV Update: Movement of Horses from Pennsylvania onto Kentucky Tracks/Training Facilities

Effective Monday, April 18, Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Office of State Veterinarian rescinds restrictions on horses originating from both Parx Racing and Penn National. All horses from these facilities that meet the standard health requirements for Kentucky tracks and training centers (including EHV1 vaccination, 72hr Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, and valid negative EIA test) will be allowed unrestricted entry.

A decision regarding movement of horses currently on or having recently been on the Grounds of Fonner Park (since 3/12/22) will be made in the coming week.  Until that time, the restrictions described below for Fonner Park do remain in place.

With horses now being allowed to depart Fonner Park unrestricted, movement of horses that are or have been at Fonner Park since March 12, will need to be approved by the KY Office State Veterinarian to enter the grounds of a Kentucky track or sanctioned training center.  Such horses can potentially qualify if after departing the grounds they are examined by a veterinarian and tested negative by PCR for EHV-1 (nasal swab and whole blood - EDTA). Horses meeting this criteria may be approved for entry onto a Kentucky racing or training facility.  A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for the horse(s) from the point where the sample was collected needs to be issued for movement to the Kentucky racing or training facility and must document the EHV1 testing and current health assessment in addition to meeting the normal entry requirements that includes EHV1 vaccination and EIA test certificate.

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