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Save Our Horses Fund (SOHO)

KHC's Welfare Fund

The KY Horse Council recognizes that not all horses in Kentucky are blessed with adequate food, shelter and veterinary care. As a part of the KHC mission to care for the welfare of the horse, the SOHO (Save Our Horses) fund was established to allow horse owners and enthusiasts to contribute to helping these horses.

Geld Voucher Program: The program provides financial assistance to promote discriminate breeding practices by supporting the castration of male equines for Kentucky horse owners with limited finances.  Qualifying Kentucky horse owners may be eligible for vouchers payable to the servicing veterinarian up to $150 per horse or $300 per family (multiple horses).  Charges in excess of the voucher amount are to be paid by the horse owner to the veterinarian. Horse owners work directly with their veterinarian to have the geld service performed.

Gelding Voucher Application

Equine Safety Net: Equine Safety Net was established to assist those caring horse owners who have temporary financial setbacks (such as a job loss or medical incident within the past 6 months), and are having difficulties feeding their horses.

The Kentucky Horse Council will feed up to two horses for 30 days, so that these individuals may consider alternatives for the horses, or get back on their feet financially. Applications for 30 day extensions are also considered.

Equine Safety Net Application

Euthanasia Voucher Program: The KHC Euthanasia Program was established to ensure that aged, injured, or unwanted Kentucky horses whose owners could not otherwise afford the service, may be euthanized regardless of their caretakers’ financial situation.

Advance approval for the service is not necessary. In the event that a client needs a horse euthanized but cannot afford the service veterinarians may humanely end the equines life with confidence that the Kentucky Horse Council SoHo fund will reimburse the servicing veterinarian

Euthanasia Voucher Application

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